minnesota meanderin’ | february 2015

Minnesota Events February 2015 February is that month of the year that cabin fever sets in; it’s not full blown, but it’s starting. November and December bring the tinsel and charm of the holiday season. January brings the holiday hangover and people post up indoors with a good book or movie. By February people start getting antsy and brave the elements to enjoy the Winter season the Midwest is famous for. Living in blissful ignorance of the cold and snow, people partake in outdoor activities across the state such as: candlelight snowshoeing, ice skating, cross country ski races, ice fishing contests, frozen bocce ball and golf tournaments; even polar plunges. People across the state bundle up and truly enjoy the season. It’s makes us Minnesotans!

Here’s what’s going on this month in da North. Enjoy it before cabin fever really sets in and the only cure is a trip to the sunshine.

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date night idea | grub crawl

As you may have read from my previous life update, I recently moved  to Rochester, MN. I love it here. I grew up here. I have made many memories here and am sure to make many more in the next few years. The most important people in my life live here.

There’s just one thing.

I’m a busy body. I’m familiar with the romantic whim of a large city. As a young, twenty-something, it’s important for me to be able to, at the drop of a dime, check out one of at least seven restaurants I’ve been dying to try, go see a concert or new art exhibit, head to Lake Michigan for a run, or roam one of my favorite vintage spots. Rochester on the other hand loves it’s big box stores and chain everything. I miss the spontaneity of a more local, original, lively scene.

In efforts to crave this hankering, I got creative and designed a “Grub Crawl” for Mr. A and I. An obvious spin off of the ever popular Pub Crawl. If you’re not familiar, the point of a Pub Crawl is to visit and partake in beverages at many different taverns. Similarly, I picked three different restaurants in the area for us to “crawl” to and get our “grub” on. It makes for a fun way to try several different venues and types of food in one night. To make it more than just going out for dinner, I kept where we were going a surprise and made a pseudo scratch card out of card stock and washi tape for Mr. A to reveal before each “course”:

Grub Crawl Rochester MN

Read more for how our date night grub crawl went and tips for planning one yourself!