#realtalk | 15 Things You’d Never Expect When You’re Expecting

Well ladies and gents, it’s June 26. We’ve entered the final countdown until D-Day, aka my due date! As I write this, I’m a glass case of emotions (weeeeird). I’m terrified to birth a human, beyond ecstatic to meet our little baby boy, but mostly overjoyed to not be pregnant anymore. Yeah, yeah, pregnancy is beautiful, pregnancy is a miracle, but #realtalk, pregnancy has not agreed with me. I do not have that magical glow. I think I’ve experienced every symptom listed on thebump.com x10.

It not only obviously changes your physical appearance, but also changes your mood and your deposition. There are times where I don’t  feel comfortable in my own skin. Like I may or may have whined, I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE once twice a few times. I react to things in ways I never thought I would have reacted. It’s nearly impossible to control my sleeping (and eating and bladder) habits. There were times where I feel SO lazy and useless; not to mention the myriad of physical symptoms. For this unsuspecting mama, it’s been a ride that I could never have prepared for.

For those who are in trimester uno, or for my fellow whales ladies in the final stretch, here’s a bit of comic relief for your aches, pains, swollen feet, heartburn, etc., etc., etc., Giiiiirrrls I’m with ya. Hang in there!

15 Things You’d Never Expect When You’re Expecting

15. “Oh, I’ve only gained that much?!” Said no pregnant woman ever… Ok, I realize we’re starting off on the wrong foot because this is something you’re expecting, but no. You can’t really imagine what 30 pounds actually is. Go to the gym, pick up a weight, duct tape it to your abdomen and then you might have an idea. And then you will just want to say No. No thanks.

No Gif

14. Your social calendar will have a direct correlation with if you can wear yoga pants. Actually even if yoga pants are acceptable, the probability of attending is still slim. Very slim. Because you will turn into a lazy P.O.S. My own father actually said to me, “You sure are kinda lazy these days. All you do is watch TV.” Dad. Stop. Now.

Tired Dog Gif

13. You’ll want to know where the nearest bathroom is at all times. Kinda like those spies who know where all the exits are in a building. Except you’ll want to know because of morning/afternoon/evening/night sickness. I unfortunately am one of the chosen few who was sick the first 25 weeks and had to carry a barf bag with me everywhere I went. And lets just say they got their fair share of use…

12. Your relationship with your husband/signif other will be questioned every second of every day. One night as we were getting ready to go to one of Mr. A’s work functions, he actually said to me, “Whoa that shirt really makes you look pregnant…” I nearly arranged for a public flogging. You’ll think to yourself all the time: “Did he really just say that?”, “Are you really drinking my favorite beer right in front of me right now?”, “WTF ARE YOU THINKING WANTING TO PUT THAT ON THE REGISTRY?” Guys, all we’re really wanting from you right now is a snack.

wheres the pizza

11. Speaking of registries. You may be thinking: YAY! shopping spprreeeeee. This surprisingly does not bring the same joy. The amount of items your little nuggets “needs” to survive is outrageous. Soon-to-be new mommy, meet the bobby and the diaper genie, and literally a million different kinds of bottles! Ummm what? Who is in charge of making these decisions?!

Confused Gif

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city guide | door county, wisconsin

Baby Moon time! Mr. A and I skipped town a few weeks ago for a weekend get away to Door County, WI. If you’re not familiar with Wisconsin, it’s the thumb of the left-handed mitten.

For those of you currently in the Baby Moon debacle, as a fellow contemplater of the concept, I love that we went. Traveling while pregnant wasn’t so bad and we genuinely had a great time. Did we sit and reflect on how excited we are for baby and that this might be the last getaway without a stroller and a million pounds of his stuff? Heck no! We actually tried to NOT talk about the little peanut and instead just enjoyed talking about things like: movies, if I should get bangs, and how we should redo the back yard.

Still early in the tourist season for Northern Wisconsin, we had to pay special attention to business hours and ruled out any water activities, but there was still plenty of good food to eat and little picturesque towns to explore. I loved it because at 8 months pregnant with energy levels not up to par with where they normally are, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on too much if I was in bed by 10:00 p.m.

Having lived in Wisconsin for four years, this wasn’t my first rodeo; Door County is one of my favorite summer vacay spots. It’s known for the beautiful scenery, cherries, lighthouses, fish boils, and sunsets. It’s a great place for pure relaxation.

Door County, WI City Guide

Copy our trip below! I also included some things I’ve enjoyed from trips gone past. (more…)

psst… | kate spade surprise sale & a peak in my travel carry on

Literally moments after I wrote “establish a more appropriate savings plan for baby’s year 1” on my list of to do’s, I open my email to find kate spade is having one of their surprise sales. They have these sales fairly regularly and normally I’m not too antsy to buy anything, but as fate would of course have it, I want everything!

The sale is a travel edition so be prepared for lots of goodies from weekend bags to pocket-sized crossbodies, from wallets to passport holders. Take a peak at some of my favorite sale items (Hurry- it ends tomorrow) as well as what I pack in my travel carry along. I also always pack a book, moleskin, a few pens, my camera, and smaller clutch for things like my wallet, iphone, keys, toothbrush, mints & anything else important I don’t want getting lost.

Travel Carry On

1.  Cabana Tile Michelle (99), Kate Spade – Large enough to jam the essentials in, small enough to tote around.

2. Mayan Riviera Grayce (49), Kate Spade – This tote reminds me of years ago when my Grandparents lived in Texas. We’d visit and they’d bring out their over-sized mesh, plaid tote to carry home all the treasures we’d find at the local Flea Market. This of course is a much more stylish, size-appropriate bag, but the colors are great, and it would make the perfect beach bag!

3. Passport Holder (29), Kate Spade – Because passports just look so much better when they have somewhere to call home.

4. Scarf (29), Mango – Whether it be 30 degrees or 100, I always bring a scarf with me while I travel. Not only is it an accessory, it doubles as a cover up and/or pillow.

5. Pass the Pigs (10), Amazon – Hands down, one of the best travel-friendly games. All you need is a flat surface and two people. I usually also pack a deck of cards.

6. Twizzlers (3), Local Grocer or Convenience Store – No explanation needed.

7. Sunglasses (14), Target – Hopefully you’re destination includes sunny weather. I refuse to buy sunglasses for more than $20. I loose or break so many pairs over the course of time, it seems silly to me to spend more than that. I often find styles at TJ Maxx, Target, or even the Dollar Store.

8. Book of Stamps (10), USPS – I’m still a postcard and letter sender!

9. Laura Mercier Gloss (24), Sephora – Normally not a lip gloss or chapstick person, I never leave home without this gloss in Bare Naked. It’s the perfect amount of shine and actually conditions.

10. Bopple Water Bottle with Filter (13), Amazon – It may not be the most compact and it won’t keep your water icy cold throughout the day, but it does have a filter in the bottle and that my friends, is my number one priority when I travel. Since I started carrying one, I’ve also noticed a huge decrease in the amount I spend on bottled water. Just make sure to dump out the water before heading to security!

in da kitchen | non alcoholic sangria

One of my favorite warm-weather activities is finding a hoppin’ patio and sipping on a happy hour beverage. As you may or may not be able to imagine, being 33 weeks pregnant makes this, well, impossible. I haven’t been craving alcohol, but more so missing the little things like not being able to get a craft beer with my hot wings or a glass of wine with Mr. A on a Friday night. Bordering #FirstWorldProblems, but hey, if someone told me they have a solution, I’d jump on that.

Rewind to our Gender Reveal Party. Along with a gift or two, we got a few bottles of wine that I stashed away until I could enjoy them and one of them was a bottle I’d never heard of before- something called FREwine. A few days ago as I was on a nesting cleaning spree, I noticed the words, “Alcohol Removed” on the bottle.

“Could it be?” I thought, “The O’Doules of wine?” YES. That my friends is exactly what it is.

I first called the kind soul whom gifted the bottle as the gesture deserved much, much more than the mailed thank you she received. And then as it was a particularly humid afternoon, whipped up a batch of non alcoholic sangria to enjoy outside on my patio, with my book, and a plate of pea pods, cheese, and crackers.

See below for my recipe!

Non Alcoholic Sangria Recipe

Non Alcoholic Sangria

What You’ll Need:

1 Bottle Fre Merlot (will still be in the wine aisle at your local liquor store)
1/2 c. Orange Juice
1/4 c. Lemon Juice
1 Orange
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Medium Apple
3-4 c. Soda Water

What To Do:

1. Thinly slice the orange, lemon, lime, and apple and leave the peels. Add to large pitcher.
2. Pour over fruit: Fre Merlot, orange juice, and lemon juice
3. Let sit for 2 hours
4. Add soda water to pitcher if serving large group or add desired amount to glass for a single serving

party planning | “love is brewing” coffee bar bridal shower and bachelorette party combo

Bridal shower and bachelorette party season is heeeerrre and this year is especially exciting. My baby sister is getting married in August. Because she is a fabulous human, she deserves every detail to be perfect!

She’s not the type to want to celebrate one last night as a single gal with shots and well, male anatomy props, but I still wanted to throw her a more intimate get together with her closest friends. Rather than your typical bridal shower with moms and aunts and friends and family friends all mashed together with finger foods and gifts of pots and pans (not that those aren’t great too), this is what I came up with:

DIY Love is Brewing Bridal Shower

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arts & crafts | DIY iron-on “don’t eat watermelon seeds” maternity tee shirt

I think this maternity tee shirt is hilarious. The last time I wore tops with words on them was in high school when the Abercrombie and Fitch shirts with “clever” sexual innuendos and other cheeky puns written on them were popular… woof.

This shirt however, I had to have. I wasn’t crazy about the white color (I swear it makes me look larger than I am) or the picture of a watermelon, so decided to use some iron on letters I had at home and make my own. I also switched up and simplified the saying a little bit.

I must say, it turned out pretty darned cute and so far, I’ve gotten quite a few chuckles.

DIY "Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds" Maternity T Shirt


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redecorating home | an eclectic adventure nursery – the inspiration

“So how’s the nursery coming? What are your plans? What is it going to look like?!”

This is a common question for moms-to-be. Being a decor and design enthusiast, I get it all the time. It’s one of the more enjoyable things about pregnancy. My answer, however, is a little different than they’re expecting.  You see, I thought baby was a girl. I had all these visions of pretty ruffles and tassels, grays and peaches, ponytails, and images of one of my childhood favorites, Madeline running through my head. I had a few ideas the whole thing mapped out on paper and like seven things saved in my Etsy cart.

And then 22 weeks came and I was reminded: don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched… little nugget is a baby boy!

I easily let go of the ponytails and Madeline and slowly pushed the ruffles from the realm of possibilities, buttttt I’m still holding on to how to decorate the nursery. I say things like, “Well, he’s still a baby and baby’s like a lot of salt-water-taffy-inspired colors, right?” and “That woodland animal print isn’t too girly, is it?” It wasn’t until a normally decor-apathetic Mr. A absolutely hated this white furniture I was planning on purchasing that I realized my ideas couldn’t directly be translated into a boy version.

So, from scratch I began. There will still be a neutral base of white-washed walls, window and floor treatments and I still want the space to be open, relaxed and comfy. I want the room to exude how excited we are to watch him grow up and how much we love him!

I started with making my color scheme:

Eclectic Vibrant Nursery Colors

And of course looking around for ideas I liked:

Eclectic Nursery Inspiration
Clockwise starting in the top left: 1/2/3/4/5

The best way I can describe it is a circus’ take on the primary and secondary colors. A punchy version of a rainbow, maybe? As I continue to pin and search, the more I like the camp-y, outdoor-sy decorations, prints, and colors. Not being a fan of themes though, the room will be far from an indoor camp site complete with birch trees and tepees, but instead some adventure elements with eclectic boy treasures. Who knows, I may even sneak in a woodland creature, but no bunnies of course :)

Here’s my wishlist:

Nursery Wish List

Stay tuned for how it turns out!