where to watch: 2015 oscar-nominated films

Art by: Petra Borner as part of the Oscars 2015: "Imagine What's Possible" Artists Series

Petra Borner “Imagine What’s Possible” Oscars 2015 Artists Series

The Oscars are less than a week away! Normally I’m more on top of my movie game, but this year I’m scrambling to make sure I at least see most of nominees. Award shows and celebrities aren’t even my thing, but I love the Oscars: the hosts are always my favorite personalities, the acceptance speeches and the red carpet is so entertaining and lovely.

I enjoy watching the films from the eye of the nominator. It brings the films to a new level: reasoning why it was nominated, paying attention to camera angles and wardrobe and certain roles in the film. It elevates the story line.

The history of film also gets me. The Academy Awards (rebranded to The Oscars in 2013) is the oldest awards ceremony and was first held in 1929 coming in at 15 minutes long. The after party was a public event with tickets at $5 ($70 in today’s world). I imagine the long list of talent in the room; people like Walt Disney and Bette Davis and the romance that was “going to the movies.” Since, it’s been one of the few awards show to avoid getting overrun with pop culture and onstage star bashing. It remains the prestige of the prestigious.

If like myself, you need to play catch up before this weekend, below are a few on my list to see with a few MN spots to catch them. Check out their website for all showing details. Best Picture films and denoted with (BP).

(BP) American Sniper: Still widely shown in theaters

A Collective Viewing of the Short FilmsAya, Boogaloo and Graham, Butter Lamp, Parvaneh and The Phone Call: Landmark Lagoon Theater

(BP) Birdman: Amazon Instant and iTunes

(BP) Boyhood: Amazon Instant, iTunes, Redbox, On Demand and Netflix DVD

CitizenFour: St. Anthony Main

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1: Amazon Instant and iTunes

Finding Vivian Maier: Amazon and iTunes

Gone Girl: Amazon Instant, Netflix DVD, Redbox, iTunes and On Demand

Ida: Amazon, iTunes and Netflix Streaming

Inherent Vice: St. Anthony Main

Into the Woods: Eden Prairie Mall

Last Days in Vietnam: Amazon Instant and iTunes

(BP) Selma: Regal Brooklyn Center, Showplace Icon at the West End (St. Louis Park), AMC Rosedale 14, Landmark Lagoon Cinema, Regal Eagan Stadium

Still Alice: Landmark Edina Cinema, AMC Rosedale 14, Regal Brooklyn Center, AMC Eden Prairie

The Box Trolls: Amazon Instant, Redbox, iTunes and On Demand

(BP) The Grand Budapest Hotel: Amazon Instant, Netflix DVD, HBO Go and iTunes

(BP) The Imitation Game: Still widely shown in theaters

The Judge: Amazon Instant, On Demand

The Theory of Everything: Released on Feb. 17

Two Days, One Night: Landmark Edina Cinema,

Unbroken: Eden Prairie Mall,

Virunga: Netflix Instant Stream

Wild: Rochester Paragon, Showplace Icon at the West End (St. Louis Park), Regal Eagan Stadium

(BP) Whiplash: St. Anthony Main, Landmark Edina Cinema,

Movie not on my list or not in the SE Minnesota area? Check out this, this, this or Fandango for a better search!


[diy] sweater [snood] weather

Sweater Weather

I’ve always found comfort in the cold. The frigid air brings a season of serenity and a yearning for a slow down. I imagine one of those days where the brightness is jarring, but the sun isn’t shinning, the air so thin and the freeze so deep, nothing can move; all you can really do is settle into hibernation.

So yes, I appreciate Winter, but let’s not jump to conclusions; I hate being cold. I have a strong set of Minnesota roots, but have never quite  acclimated to the moment you step outside and the winter chill robs you of breath. Warm clothing is a must. Today I bring you the DIY snood (aka the infinity scarf). I’ve been eyeing them all season in fur, patterns, and especially knit.


felt fortunes

For a holiday that’s all about the warm fuzzies, Valentines Day causes complete opposite reactions. On one hand, there are people who think the holiday is pointless and if you’re not in looovveee, you feel like a horrible human. On the other hand, some plaster hearts everywhere and plan extravagantly for the day. I enjoy the holiday purely for writing Valentines, eating chocolate, and decorating with pink.

The following combines all three of my favorite Feb. 14th traditions: felt fortune cookie shaped Valentines filled with fortunes and candy! With a few tweaks from Martha Stewart’s instructions, they’re easy and perfect for the holiday.

Lessons Learned:
-Buy the non-stiff felt at the craft store
-Sew the edges instead of gluing, waiting for the glue to set is a pain
-The ribbon to cover the twistie tie is pretty, but an uneeded step. You can barely see it when the felt fortunes are complete