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cropped-sandwlogo31Do you ever have those projects that you start and have such big dreams for, but it doesn’t exactly span out exactly how you planned and instead of fixing everything, you just want to start over? For me, Baubles and Cheers was this project. Since 2011, I’ve gone through spurts where I never posted, spurts where I posted too much and spurts where I’ve flip flopped directions.

I’ve loved it and it’s been a great space for learning and experimenting, but it’s time to move on to a fresh start. I introduce you to Sahl + White! Check out what’s new and follow along.


minnesota meanderin’ | june 2015

Minnesota Events February 2015You guys, June is already in full swing. JUNE! Between weddings, showers and parties for said weddings, vacations and the multitude of warm weather events, summer can literally be a hot mess. Because of all the jamming and packing, I always create these silly, seasonal “bucket lists” in my mind to ensure I get everything “summer” done in the precious weeks of nice weather. Things like: see an outdoor movie, go to a pizza farm (btw- have you heard of this concept?! who knew that eating a pizza in the grass would be such a novelty; I love it!) and try to make ice cream are a few on my list for this year. Part of this is making sure to be in the know of all the community events around the area.

Check out a few of my picks of what’s going on and where in Minnesota in June 2015:

2 – MN Brewery Running Series | Fulton Brewery | Minneapolis
This is the only way to celebrate National Running Day. A 5K through around around downtown Minneapolis that starts and ends at the Fulton Brewery with food trucks, live music and of course beer at the finish line. If you can’t make this event, don’t worry, they have a Beer 5K nearly every weekend!

5 – National Doughnut Day | Peace Plaza | Rochester
What started as a fundraiser during the Great Depression, join the originators of National Doughnut Day, the Salvation Army, on the Peace Plaza from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for free doughnuts of all shapes and sizes! Also because turns out, it’s impossible to say no to a doughnut.

6-12- RedBall Project | Rochester, MN
No, you’re reading it wrong, not RedBull, RedBALL. It’s unusually for a temporary art installation to make it’s way to Rochester, MN, so I’m especially excited to see this live. It’s a simple giant, red ball, but the unsuspecting nature is what makes in neat. I’ll for sure be at the Opening Reception (complete with BALLinnis and Bloody Marys) to chat with the artist. Every day look for it in a new location:

  • 6 – Look for it at the Rochester Art Center + Opening Reception & Panel Discussion with the Artist, Kurt Perschke.
  • 7 – Pedestrian Bridge to Government Center
  • 8 – Mayo Clinic, Plummer Building, Plummer Doors
  • 9 – Peace Plaza, Kahler Grand Awning, Near Pedestrian Crossing
  • 10 – 600 Block of 6th Ave, NW
  • 11 – Thursdays on First & 3rd; Historic 3rd St.
  • 12 – Mayo Building, Annenburge Plaza

6 – Rhubarb Festival | Sylvan Park | Lanesboro
I love quirky and this is quirky in the prettiest of pretty locations. Think a festival with rhubarb art, rhubarb treats, rhubarb games, plus lots of other rhubarb-related events. Bring your bike and go a few miles on the trails as long as you’re in Lanesboro.

6 – ARTCRANK | Fulton Brewery | Minneapolis
I recently picked up a 1970’s Schwinn Suburban (in absolute original, perfect condition I might add) at my local thrift shop so am kinda on a bike kick. ARTCRANK is a pop-up art sale with all prints bike-inspired. Ride your bike there, enjoy complimentary bike valet, food trucks, beer, coffee, and take a print home with you for the love of bicycling.

10 – Princess Cafe Lectures Series: Plummer Building | History Center | Rochester
I’m a sucker for all things history and especially the Plummer Building. It’s my favorite and only truly ornate piece of architecture in the Rochester, MN skyline. The Plummer’s were also an essential family in Rochester, MN history with an interesting story themselves. Come and enjoy “everything you wanted to know and more” from Dana Knaak from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

12/13- Park Point Garage Sale Weekend | Park Point | Duluth
If you’re in the market for a Northern summer get-away, this is the weekend to do it. With garage sales lining the entire stretch of Park Point, it’s a bargain hunter’s dream. Parking can be challenging, so get there early!

13 – Insane Inflateable 5K | Rochester Airport | Rochester
Imagine those blow up, bouncy child inflateables made for adults combined with a 5K. Aside from being completely out of breath exhausted, this is definitely a “fun” run. Heats available starting at 8:45 AM through 12:00 PM.

13 – Movies on the Plaza: Mary Poppins | Peace Plaza | Rochester
Outdoor Movie Opportunity!

13 – Northern Spark | Various Locals | Minneapolis
I don’t even have an explanation for this event. A variety of unique art installations and interactive exhibits taking place ALL night. It kind of appears to be a one-night-long, teeny, tiny taste of that Burning Man thing.

13 – Taco Tequila Margarita Minneapolis | Famous Dave’s BBQ Uptown | Minneapolis
Those are all of my favorite things.

14 – Bike to the Honkers Game | Mayo Field | Rochester
Ride your bike to the game and watch a Honkers Minor League baseball game FO FREE!

17 – Pizza on the Farm | Berne
This is a weekly event every Wednesday from 5:00 – 8:00 PM in Berne, MN. Get there early and bring your own plate and silverware, seats and beverages and get ready to enjoy live music as well as awesome wood fired pizza.

17-21 – Steamboat Days | Levee Park | Winona
Winona is my alma mater so this event is near and dear to my heart. It’s a long weekend full of quirky events, for fun sporting tournaments, fireworks and the best nightly entertainment around. My pick? Hairball on Wednesday!

20-28 – Rochester Fest | Various Locations | Rochester
I’m determined to win the treasure hunt this year! With clues beginning on the 20, play along for cash money. Other events include a great parade, concerts, family-friendly programs, free trolley roles and more!

21 – Art in the Park | Sylvan Park | Lanesboro, MN

23 – Ingrid Michaelson | Northrop at the University of Minnesota | Minneapolis

27 – Movies on the Plaza: Muppets Most Wanted | Peace Plaza | Rochester

27 – Paddle Board Demo Day | Foster Arend Park | Rochester
Free event sponsored by Scheels! Check out and try out their selection of paddle boards and kayaks. Even if you’re not in the market for new gear, think of it as a thrifty way to spend an hour or two!

27-28 – Park Point Art Fair | Park Point | Duluth

28- Uptown Food Truck Fair | Hennepin Avenue between Lake St. & 31st | Minneapolis
Self.Explantory. Amazing food all up in your face. 11-9. Music. Beer and Food.

Other Ideas and Ongoing Events in the Rochester area!

  • U-Pick-Um Strawberries and Summer Raspberries: Usually ready in the middle of June, this is the best way to grab the freshest of fresh produce.
  • Tuesdays – Bingo @ Dooley’s Pub, Farmer’s Market
  • Wednesday – Pizza night in Berne
  • Thursdays – Thursdays on First, Trivia Night @ Big Brad’s, Thursday Night Chef Dinners at Four Daughters
  • Saturdays – Movies on the Plaza, Farmers Market
  • Sundays – Trivia Night @ The Tap House, 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month: Yappy Hour at Wildwood

psst… | kate spade surprise sale & a peak in my travel carry on

Literally moments after I wrote “establish a more appropriate savings plan for baby’s year 1” on my list of to do’s, I open my email to find kate spade is having one of their surprise sales. They have these sales fairly regularly and normally I’m not too antsy to buy anything, but as fate would of course have it, I want everything!

The sale is a travel edition so be prepared for lots of goodies from weekend bags to pocket-sized crossbodies, from wallets to passport holders. Take a peak at some of my favorite sale items (Hurry- it ends tomorrow) as well as what I pack in my travel carry along. I also always pack a book, moleskin, a few pens, my camera, and smaller clutch for things like my wallet, iphone, keys, toothbrush, mints & anything else important I don’t want getting lost.

Travel Carry On

1.  Cabana Tile Michelle (99), Kate Spade – Large enough to jam the essentials in, small enough to tote around.

2. Mayan Riviera Grayce (49), Kate Spade – This tote reminds me of years ago when my Grandparents lived in Texas. We’d visit and they’d bring out their over-sized mesh, plaid tote to carry home all the treasures we’d find at the local Flea Market. This of course is a much more stylish, size-appropriate bag, but the colors are great, and it would make the perfect beach bag!

3. Passport Holder (29), Kate Spade – Because passports just look so much better when they have somewhere to call home.

4. Scarf (29), Mango – Whether it be 30 degrees or 100, I always bring a scarf with me while I travel. Not only is it an accessory, it doubles as a cover up and/or pillow.

5. Pass the Pigs (10), Amazon – Hands down, one of the best travel-friendly games. All you need is a flat surface and two people. I usually also pack a deck of cards.

6. Twizzlers (3), Local Grocer or Convenience Store – No explanation needed.

7. Sunglasses (14), Target – Hopefully you’re destination includes sunny weather. I refuse to buy sunglasses for more than $20. I loose or break so many pairs over the course of time, it seems silly to me to spend more than that. I often find styles at TJ Maxx, Target, or even the Dollar Store.

8. Book of Stamps (10), USPS – I’m still a postcard and letter sender!

9. Laura Mercier Gloss (24), Sephora – Normally not a lip gloss or chapstick person, I never leave home without this gloss in Bare Naked. It’s the perfect amount of shine and actually conditions.

10. Bopple Water Bottle with Filter (13), Amazon – It may not be the most compact and it won’t keep your water icy cold throughout the day, but it does have a filter in the bottle and that my friends, is my number one priority when I travel. Since I started carrying one, I’ve also noticed a huge decrease in the amount I spend on bottled water. Just make sure to dump out the water before heading to security!

arts & crafts | diy wedding cake and fresh flower topper

DIY Mini Wedding Cake with Fresh Flower Topper

The whirlwind of life continues and Mr. A and I tied the knot! We still want to have a big celebration with all of our family and closest friends next fall, but realistically looking at the big picture, it needed to happen now.

To be honest, it put us in a bit of a predicament. We wanted to recognize it as the HUGE moment that it is, but at the same time, our time schedule was limited, and we want our dream wedding to be our actual “wedding:” the day we remember for the rest of our lives.

Continue reading for a mini wedding cake how-to!


#realtalk: from pregnancy to costco navigation

chaos quote

The past three months have been insane. Now, normally when those feelings are emulated, they are usually said with the premise of a big project at work or something crazy at home or a lot of traveling. Insane doesn’t even do my current life state justice. In the past three months I have: discovered I’m pregnant, quit my job, moved from my beloved Milwaukee, WI to where my boyfriend Mr. A resides and our hometown, Rochester, MN (can I mention it was the coldest winter in 32 years…), started a new job, bought a house with Mr. A, moved into said new home (again, 30 some days of negative temps), become a fiancee (or as Mr. A likes to call it, I was Beyonce-d), and inherited a Phoebe dog.

Needless to say, I’ve become pretty good at taking life as it comes and accepting expectations aren’t always going to be the reality. That might sound obvious, but trust me, it’s a hard life lesson to realize. I’ve always been a fan of plans and life maps and mine was set with how I wanted it to go. This was my first crack; something I didn’t plan and completely out of order that affected everything after it. It wasn’t until I accepted it, that I realized, this new plan was a better plan than the one I planned.

This is my attempt to recap and restart my documentation.


DIY Welcome String Art

Mantel String Art

String Art: In the 70’s it was mega-bright string banded around nails set in dark velvet to form mushrooms, owls, and other totally groovy designs.  Today it’s a fairly simply DIY project that I’ve had a serious design project crush on ever since I saw this heart design.

Call me lazy (in my defense it was 8 am on a Saturday and I was out of Kcups), but there was no way I was going to go search for a piece of wood, figure out a place that would cut the thing to size, stain it, and then impatiently wait for it to dry. With my design ADD, it most likely would only be hanging for 3 months, max.

After searching the house for a possible alternative, I gave the below a whirl:


A Day at the Movies: Moonrise Kingdom and the Field Guide to Adventuring

Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it? Because you should…

I didn’t have anything in common with the characters– two twelve year old kids that after one brief encounter, become pen pals, fall in love, and plan an escape (him from khaki scout camp where he is seen as an outcast and her from a confused, distant family that just doesn’t understand) to be together.

I didn’t have anything in common with the setting — an island off of New England in 1965: a time of record players, blue eye shadow, and knee highs.

However, it didn’t matter at all and I suppose that was the point. Wes Anderson crammed big things like love, the need for escape, and the journey to solve it all into the oh-so-small world of adolescence and innocence and it ended up being completely relatable. I fell in love with Suzy when upon running away with Sam, packed only a suitcase of adventure books, a portable record player (of course with extra batteries), her favorite records, and her lucky lefty scissors. I fell in love with Sam when he had packed everything else they needed — a tent, canoe, food, and water color paints.

It had me thinking back to the 6th grade and wondering if love can ever really stay that innocent. It had me promising myself my heart will always melt for being quirky and awkward. It had me hoping I’ll find a Sam Shakusky and someone who will always be on my side & do anything to “save my superpower.”

The Field (shopping) Guide to Adventuring 


1. Citrus Pink Dress, ModCloth, $52

2. Golden Grassland Dress, ModCloth, $44

3. Not beetles and fish hooks, but equally as fashionable, Looking Glass Earrings, Anthropologie, $32

4. Scissors Charm, PUNK, $9

5. Vintage Red Plaid Picnic set, Etsy, $24

6. Reeves Watercolor Set, Dick Blick, $4.79

7. Portable Record Player, Urban Outfitters, $170

8. Brookings Shoes, Aldo, $50


“Why do you always use binoculars? 
“Mm…it helps me see things closer, even if they’re not far away. I pretend it’s my magic power.”


“Suzy, I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?”