psst… | kate spade surprise sale & a peak in my travel carry on

Literally moments after I wrote “establish a more appropriate savings plan for baby’s year 1” on my list of to do’s, I open my email to find kate spade is having one of their surprise sales. They have these sales fairly regularly and normally I’m not too antsy to buy anything, but as fate would of course have it, I want everything!

The sale is a travel edition so be prepared for lots of goodies from weekend bags to pocket-sized crossbodies, from wallets to passport holders. Take a peak at some of my favorite sale items (Hurry- it ends tomorrow) as well as what I pack in my travel carry along. I also always pack a book, moleskin, a few pens, my camera, and smaller clutch for things like my wallet, iphone, keys, toothbrush, mints & anything else important I don’t want getting lost.

Travel Carry On

1.  Cabana Tile Michelle (99), Kate Spade – Large enough to jam the essentials in, small enough to tote around.

2. Mayan Riviera Grayce (49), Kate Spade – This tote reminds me of years ago when my Grandparents lived in Texas. We’d visit and they’d bring out their over-sized mesh, plaid tote to carry home all the treasures we’d find at the local Flea Market. This of course is a much more stylish, size-appropriate bag, but the colors are great, and it would make the perfect beach bag!

3. Passport Holder (29), Kate Spade – Because passports just look so much better when they have somewhere to call home.

4. Scarf (29), Mango – Whether it be 30 degrees or 100, I always bring a scarf with me while I travel. Not only is it an accessory, it doubles as a cover up and/or pillow.

5. Pass the Pigs (10), Amazon – Hands down, one of the best travel-friendly games. All you need is a flat surface and two people. I usually also pack a deck of cards.

6. Twizzlers (3), Local Grocer or Convenience Store – No explanation needed.

7. Sunglasses (14), Target – Hopefully you’re destination includes sunny weather. I refuse to buy sunglasses for more than $20. I loose or break so many pairs over the course of time, it seems silly to me to spend more than that. I often find styles at TJ Maxx, Target, or even the Dollar Store.

8. Book of Stamps (10), USPS – I’m still a postcard and letter sender!

9. Laura Mercier Gloss (24), Sephora – Normally not a lip gloss or chapstick person, I never leave home without this gloss in Bare Naked. It’s the perfect amount of shine and actually conditions.

10. Bopple Water Bottle with Filter (13), Amazon – It may not be the most compact and it won’t keep your water icy cold throughout the day, but it does have a filter in the bottle and that my friends, is my number one priority when I travel. Since I started carrying one, I’ve also noticed a huge decrease in the amount I spend on bottled water. Just make sure to dump out the water before heading to security!


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