arts & crafts | DIY iron-on “don’t eat watermelon seeds” maternity tee shirt

I think this maternity tee shirt is hilarious. The last time I wore tops with words on them was in high school when the Abercrombie and Fitch shirts with “clever” sexual innuendos and other cheeky puns written on them were popular… woof.

This shirt however, I had to have. I wasn’t crazy about the white color (I swear it makes me look larger than I am) or the picture of a watermelon, so decided to use some iron on letters I had at home and make my own. I also switched up and simplified the saying a little bit.

I must say, it turned out pretty darned cute and so far, I’ve gotten quite a few chuckles.

DIY "Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds" Maternity T Shirt


Continue reading for the full how to!

Items You’ll Need:
-Whatever kind of plain, maternity t-shirt, tank top, long sleeve, baseball top, etc. suits your fancy (I stuck with a pima cotton, vneck tee shirt on sale from the Gap)
-Iron-on letters in contrasting colors of your shirt (I love these from Amazon)

*NOTE: two sets of the alphabet come with each pack of the iron on letters.

How to Do It:
1: Turn your iron on to the highest setting (usually for linen) without steam.

2. While the iron is heating up, peel off the letters needed and arrange them how you want on your shirt. Don’t worry, they’re not sticky, so you can arrange and rearrange as many times as you want before ironing on.

DIY Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds Step 1

2: Once you have the letters arranged as you want, carefully place a single paper towel over your letters. This will prevent the letters from wiggling around and depending on how hot your iron gets, any burning (yellowing of the white letters).

3. Once the iron is fully heated, carefully iron over the lettering for 5-6 min., making sure you apply direct heat to each letter for at least 20 seconds. It’s better to air on the side of over-ironing than not holding it on long enough to ensure everything gets stuck down properly. Don’t worry, I’ve never had a letter melt or burn due to too much heat. Obviously just make sure you’re moving the iron on a consistent basis.

DIY Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds Tshirt Step 2

4. After approx. 5 min. lift up the paper towel to ensure all the letters have stuck down. If they have, flip inside out and iron over letters from the back to ensure they’re adhered as much as they can be. If they’re not completely stuck, return the paper towel, and reapply direct heat to the letters that need more heat.

5. Once you’ve ironed both sides and all letters are securely ironed on, that’s it. Just don’t take it personally when people look at your belly and laugh! I’ve washed mine a few times and haven’t had any problems thus far- just turn the shirt inside out before you throw it in the machine.

DIY Maternity "Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds" Iron On T Shirt


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