redecorating home | an eclectic adventure nursery – the inspiration

“So how’s the nursery coming? What are your plans? What is it going to look like?!”

This is a common question for moms-to-be. Being a decor and design enthusiast, I get it all the time. It’s one of the more enjoyable things about pregnancy. My answer, however, is a little different than they’re expecting.  You see, I thought baby was a girl. I had all these visions of pretty ruffles and tassels, grays and peaches, ponytails, and images of one of my childhood favorites, Madeline running through my head. I had a few ideas the whole thing mapped out on paper and like seven things saved in my Etsy cart.

And then 22 weeks came and I was reminded: don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched… little nugget is a baby boy!

I easily let go of the ponytails and Madeline and slowly pushed the ruffles from the realm of possibilities, buttttt I’m still holding on to how to decorate the nursery. I say things like, “Well, he’s still a baby and baby’s like a lot of salt-water-taffy-inspired colors, right?” and “That woodland animal print isn’t too girly, is it?” It wasn’t until a normally decor-apathetic Mr. A absolutely hated this white furniture I was planning on purchasing that I realized my ideas couldn’t directly be translated into a boy version.

So, from scratch I began. There will still be a neutral base of white-washed walls, window and floor treatments and I still want the space to be open, relaxed and comfy. I want the room to exude how excited we are to watch him grow up and how much we love him!

I started with making my color scheme:

Eclectic Vibrant Nursery Colors

And of course looking around for ideas I liked:

Eclectic Nursery Inspiration
Clockwise starting in the top left: 1/2/3/4/5

The best way I can describe it is a circus’ take on the primary and secondary colors. A punchy version of a rainbow, maybe? As I continue to pin and search, the more I like the camp-y, outdoor-sy decorations, prints, and colors. Not being a fan of themes though, the room will be far from an indoor camp site complete with birch trees and tepees, but instead some adventure elements with eclectic boy treasures. Who knows, I may even sneak in a woodland creature, but no bunnies of course :)

Here’s my wishlist:

Nursery Wish List

Stay tuned for how it turns out!



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