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DIY Mini Wedding Cake with Fresh Flower Topper

The whirlwind of life continues and Mr. A and I tied the knot! We still want to have a big celebration with all of our family and closest friends next fall, but realistically looking at the big picture, it needed to happen now.

To be honest, it put us in a bit of a predicament. We wanted to recognize it as the HUGE moment that it is, but at the same time, our time schedule was limited, and we want our dream wedding to be our actual “wedding:” the day we remember for the rest of our lives.

Continue reading for a mini wedding cake how-to!

So we came to a conclusion: extremely simple, short, and immediate family only. We didn’t even want to build it up to the beauty that is an elopement. An ordained minister whose name we had received from the courthouse came to our house at 5:30 when she was done with work and married us right in our dining room. Among a table that was cluttered with odds and ends from moving, a stack of boxes in the corner, and our family sitting on the only furniture we had: two mismatched couches, Mr. A and I stood, looking at each other, and holding hands, as the Rev. reminded us of the value of a marriage bond: the most important and intricate relationship we’ll ever know. After the vows, we said our I Do’s, and she introduced us and as Mr. and Mrs. I don’t think we’ve ever smiled that hard.

No matter how legalistic we wanted it to remain, it was still a very special few moments. I’ve never been so sure of anything as those two simple words. I couldn’t let that pass without at least making it a little out of the ordinary. I wore a simple white dress with a blue necklace, Mr. A wore a tie, we went out to our favorite Chinese take out place, and I made a mini wedding cake.

I actually didn’t even make it. I purchased, cut stems off, and arranged. It cost a total of $16, took 20 min. to assemble and was extremely easy.

I first ordered a plain, white frosted cake with seam-edging frosting on the bottom only from my local grocery store. If I were to do it again, I would add the edging on the top as well. It would have made it look more finished.

Cake Ingredients

On them same day as our ceremony, I bought six flower stems from the floral shop. I got simple carnations and ranunculus’. Other options that would work great are: primroses, gardenias, chrysanthemums, lavender, and peonies. This is a great spot for other ideas!

With it just being Mr. A and myself and only using a small amount of flowers on the top of our tiny cake, I was not concerned with pesticides or chemicals. I did however gently wash them obviously didn’t use the little pack of floral food they give you. If you are concerned, buy organic and use a flower spike or a cut a regular drinking straw to attach the flowers into your cake. Also, check with your florist to be sure, but most cut flowers are not poisonous and don’t pose any health risks if used in cake decoration.

DIY Fresh Flower Topper

I allowed them to air dry for the day and when I was ready to start making the arrangement, cut off the entire stem. If you’re using something to stick into the cake, don’t cut then entire stem off. For more details if you’re planning a more intricately-decorated cake, you might find this wiki helpful.

I moved the cake from the store container to a plate and cake stand and on a flat surface, experimented with a few different arrangements and flower placements. Once I came to one I liked, I gently recreated it on my little white cake, and adored the thing.

DIY Wedding Cake

When you’re ready to eat, simply remove the flowers and dig in!


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