diy: confetti-filled, bursting balloons

I’m a sucker for confetti. Like put me in a room with zombies, i’d be terrified. But, put me in a room with zombies throwing confetti and well, let’s just say I’d join that party. It comes as no surprise that I try to incorporate it into as many celebrations as I possibly can. However, as I get older, the possibility of showering my closets friends with glitter and confetti for their birthdays and other life events gets harder and harder.

One of my closest friend’s bachelorette party and my sister’s recent 24th birthday had me itchin’ to make it rain like we were at a Ke$ha concert. I saw this a few weeks ago and decided to go about diy-ing my own versions and was beyond pleasantly surprised with the results. In a sentence or less: you basically put a bunch of glitter, confetti, and small tokens in a deflated balloon, blow it up, and when the recipient pops it, it’s explodes everywhere. Think pinata in a balloonwithout the blindfold and broom stick.

I made one for my sister, Erika, for her birthday and successfully sent it 300 miles in the mail and a PG-21 version for Britt’s bachelorette party. Continue reading for the how to!


Step 1: Gather your materials. You’ll for sure need a clear balloon and an empty plastic bottle with a wide mouth (I used an empty Ocean Spray juice bottle). For Erika, I used starbursts, dove chocolates, plenty o’ confetti, and birthday candles. For Britt, I just used glitter, and the mini liquor bottles (make sure they’re plastic). Other ideas are: other hard candies, small knick knacks, different kinds of glitter, or basically anything that will somewhat easily fit through the mouth of your empty plastic bottle.


Step 2: Take the empty water bottle and cut it in half so you  just have the mouth of the bottle (see above).

Step 3: Stretch the balloon – up, down, blow it up and deflate it a few times and repeat the process. You’ll want the balloon to be a little flexible. Take the end of the balloon and stretch it across the mouth of the water bottle so you have a funnel situation going on. From there, you can easily put all your knick knacks and confetti in the balloon using your finger or eraser end of a pencil to gently push the items down further in the balloon.


Step 4: Once the items are in the deflated balloon, carefully remove the balloon from the mouth of the bottle and using a pump (if you’re not using a balloon pump, be VERY CAREFUL), blow up the balloon and tie the end.

And that’s it! You have your own confetti-filled, bursting balloon!


I live 300 miles away from my sister so using washi tape and standard dress making pins, I wrote a simple card and packaged it with the balloon making sure there was plenty of tissue paper and marked the box as fragile. It made it to her in one piece and was a perfect alternative to a card!

PG-21 Version:pg21_balloons


Tip for getting the mini bottles of liquor in the balloons. Put the glitter in using the water bottle, remove it, blow it up and while it’s still blown up, using your finger, stretch out the mouth of the balloon to fit over the mini liquor bottle.


POP! Cheers!



If decorating with balloons is your thing, be sure to check out my DIY giant balloon tutorial!




    1. Just air! When sending the balloon or popping it more than a day later, you won’t have as much “confetti explosion,” haha but if used within a day, you’ll get the POP you’ll want.

      If you try it with helium, let me know how it turns out!!

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