[diy] sweater [snood] weather

Sweater Weather

I’ve always found comfort in the cold. The frigid air brings a season of serenity and a yearning for a slow down. I imagine one of those days where the brightness is jarring, but the sun isn’t shinning, the air so thin and the freeze so deep, nothing can move; all you can really do is settle into hibernation.

So yes, I appreciate Winter, but let’s not jump to conclusions; I hate being cold. I have a strong set of Minnesota roots, but have never quite  acclimated to the moment you step outside and the winter chill robs you of breath. Warm clothing is a must. Today I bring you the DIY snood (aka the infinity scarf). I’ve been eyeing them all season in fur, patterns, and especially knit.

1. With your first step comes two choice, you can either rummage through your closet and try to find and old, boxy sweater that has been through the washing machine one too many times, or you can head to Goodwill and find someone’s else’s stretched out sweater. Look for one that has a loose knit, a fair amount of detail, and depending how chunky you want it, the larger the better. Once you have a sweater picked out, cut straight across, directly below the armpits.

Sweater How To

The great thing about recycling a sweater is that one side (the bottom hem) is finished so it doesn’t require any sewing. The side you cut will need to be hemmed to prevent fraying.

step two

2. Turn the bottom half of the sweater inside out and fold the top, unfinished edge over approx. 1/2 an inch. Using yarn or embroidery floss, sew around the entire edge using an  overcast stitch.

And that’s really it! Once you’ve sewed around the entire edge, flip right side out and you’ve made you’re very own knit snood without the 4589379 hours of knitting!

DIY Sweater Snood


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