the mantel in fall

Besides the fact it’s non-functional, I have a perfect, charming fireplace. That is a statement I hope I can always testify to (minus the non-functional part). When the chill of late fall arrives and the sun sets at 6:00 p.m., there is nothing better than plopping down with a book, my new  throw from West Elm, and Starbucks in front of a crackling flame.

As I suffer from a rare case of ADD when it comes to decorating, my mantel is also my best friend. In my living room it’s the focal point, having been painted a bright white, taking up an entire wall (along with it’s built-shelving). Because it’s the focal point, I can decorate as much or little as I please and it will still have a dramatic affect on the room. I can change it by the season, holiday, or whenever I feel the room needs a new dynamic.

Read more for details on how I created a mantel that celebrates my favorite things about fall: school days, crisp weather, football season, and sweater weather…

Because my entire fireplace, bricks and all, have been painted a bright white, I wanted to ensure it stood out from the wall, so I painted the small chunk directly above the hearth, with chalkboard paint and drew a skeleton tree for the coming bare branches. This makes it easy to adjust later and soothes my ADD agitation. Make a list of everything that fits with your desired theme/aurora and search through Goodwill, flea markets, and the clearance racks of your favorite stores. Make sure to pick up things that will add height to your mantel, for example, the small shelving unit, candle sticks, and vintage metal tin all add different elements of height. Large frames add depth and are readily available at second-hand stores.

If your fireplace is like mine, completely non-functional and useless, use the space for design. I stacked chunks of chopped wood, but I’ve also seen a bunch of white pillar candles in a variety of sizes, or chopped wood with a round shape.  It makes the room so much more homey and adds an instant comfort. Happy Fall!


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