diy geronimo balloon birthday party

There are many kinds of birthday celebrators. There are those who are wide-eyed, bushy tailed at 4 a.m. ready to squeeze out every drop of birthday acknowledgement they possibly can and there are those who would give their pinky finger to fast forward time. I won’t even try to deny it, I’m the former. So many days are average and pass by with zero significance, a birthday should not be one of them. I smile at every Facebook post, display every card, and am not beyond throwing myself my own party. As I trudge through my mid-twenties, there won’t be many birthdays left where I can get {most of} my closest girlfriends fabulously dressed surrounded by confetti, balloons, and champagne.

…continue reading for how I DIY-ed my very own Geronimo Balloons, and tips for throwing your own bday party…

I first determined the colors and ambiance for the party: bold colors, but muted (think an edgy version of pastels), a little bit of sparkle, fabric streamers, and balloons, balloons galore. My first project was the ginormous balloons. They’re a {fairly} easy DIY and you can get everything at your local party and craft stores. Or if you plan ahead, it’s MUCH less expensive online.

-36″ inch balloons (have the party store blow them up with extra high float so they will be able to handle the weight of the baubles)
Party Festooning  (the purple and gold confetti streamers)
-Garland (this comes in MANY different varieties)
-Tissue Paper cut and rolled into a tassel
-Ribbons or Fabric cut in strips
-Gold cupcake liners folded then glued over string for an interesting streamer
-Chinese Lanterns or “Party Shapes” (the things that start flat, then expand to a 3D shape)
-Metallic Table skirt cut and rolled into a tassel 

First layout what you’d like to use for each balloon. Then, using tiny paper clips and safety pins, secure everything to the string on the balloon. This will be a trial and error process.

Invitations may or may not have been made…

I then settled on a menu. Don’t feel you have to “feed” your party-goers. Stick to 2-3 items; offering a little more than a snack. I chose something I could easily prepare in two hours that would be able to sit out for about an hour: sushi rolls (nothing raw). I basically went to town and made up my own recipes with my favorite sushi ingredients: avocado, shrimp tempura, cucumber, crab, bbq eel (you can buy this in the frozen section at most Asian produce stores and microwave to prepare!), asparagus, cream cheese, and of course homemade spicy mayo. To go along with da rolls: edema me, fortune cookies, birthday cake, and sake.

Now, sushi is obviously only a good idea if 1. you know how to make sushi and 2. your party-goers like sushi. If not, some other possible ideas: loaded tator tot bar (a big ole’ bowl of tots with sour cream, cheese, bacon, and chives), or on the sweeter side, mini desserts (chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, chocolate mousse). A plain old box cake with some snazzy frosting and sprinkles also is easy, inexpensive, and adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to the spread.

Now, all my party needed was some decorations. This is where a party can get spendy, verrrry quickly. Don’t fall into this trap!
Get creative and use ordinary things for your serve ware and decorations.  Do you have a gorgeous silver tray on your dresser that usually perfectly displays your jewelry and knick-knacks? Wash it, place a piece of parchment paper down, and use it to serve cupcakes. What about that giant mirror leaning against the wall in your bathroom? Throw it where the food will be laid out. Mirrors work great as added decor, they’re easy to move, and who doesn’t like to have a constant make-up check? Another easy way to make it look like you spent a lot of time decorating, use picture frames from around the house and insert fabric, scrapbook paper, or other misc. material that matches the colors/theme of your shindig. Stand them, hang them, place them anywhere.
Don’t be afraid to use plastic. I have a set of 12 champagne plastic champagne flutes and  a big ole’ stack of thick, white plastic dessert plates that have been through a many a parties. They’re durable enough to wash and I found them at the dollar store. Keep colors simple- white and clear to make them look as chic as possible.
DIY, DIY, DIY as much as possible! Wrap painters tape around plain bamboo chopsticks (also a dollar store find) or the ends of plastic silverware and dip in acrylic paint (obviously nothing you will directly be putting food on). Fabric streamers are also an easy project that look ten times better than normal party gear. Use ribbon and old fabric, cut the fabric into strips, and tie together.  I got a bunch of unused pillow cases from Goodwill to make my red and purple ones.

I am officially one year older and {in most cases} one year wiser. For example, I never go to bed without washing my face, can admit I don’t know everything, and have learned to stop and breath every once in a while. Here’s to continued lessons learned! –Cheers!


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