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Fall is officially here, and at least in Milwaukee, has not been shy about it’s arrival. I could not be more thrilled. Fall is by far, my favorite time of year. It’s almost evokes a Pavlovian response. As the view from my office window changes from various hues of green to a sea of gold, maroon, and burnt orange, so does my appetite. I suddenly have the cravings for chili and endlessly search for a new cornbread recipe. My bank account cringes when the crisp air reminds me of colder temperatures and I suddenly must have a new wardrobe of sweaters, boots, and skinny jeans. I also love this time of year for the change in attitude. Time seems to slow. Regrouping occurs. An energy that is lost over summer schemes is renewed. Here is my checklist for Fall activities: 

1. Create some Fall backgrounds for my pute [Check and Check! You can download below]
2. Go on a Ghost Tour [If you’re in the Milwaukee area, Shakers Cigar Bar has the best one]
3. Make some zucchini cornbread [Yes, I wasn’t kidding about the whole cornbread thing]
4. Find somewhere to volunteer now that my schedule is a little more available
5. Host a “Bloody”Halloween party [Bloody Mary anyone?]
6. Create a more fall-friendly fire place mantel
7. Buy these boots
8. Read, Read, Read & Read some more [First up: Love in a Time of Cholera – Thank you L. Gis]
9. Visit an apple orchard and
10. Caramel Apples

What are you going to do?? While you’re thinking, download my backgrounds for your computer below!




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