new stuff – august twenty twelve

A few things you should know about me.

1.        I hate sitting around.

2.        I’m a list maker. Perhaps one of the most intense list makers around.

Combine numbers 1 & 2, you get an ultimate list of things to try, people to see, and concepts to learn. Things just waiting to be checked off: think twelve versions of a bucket list organized twelve different ways… I would maybe even go as far to say that I’m a slave to lists. If it ain’t written on a list, I ain’t remembering it. SO in efforts to ensure my brain is always learning and self is always getting better, each month I physically write down three new things I’d like to accomplish. With this goal in mind, I bring you my new column and challenge: NEW STUFF. The idea is simple: pick three things that you want to accomplish in the next month. They can be anything- eat at the new Greek restaurant down the block, send a postcard to your mom, learn all about origami – just something out of your norm routine. I tend to categorize mine into: 1. Self-Betterment (budget, health, schedule, time management, etc.) 2. Focus on Friends 3. Self-Enjoyment (learn about Frank Lloyd Wright, try making chocolate mousse). This will be my third month trying new things, and so far, I’m loving it.

My goals for August:

1. Self-Betterment: Get a better grasp on my budget. Money flies in and out and frankly, I have no idea where it goes. I should probably figure that out.

2. Self-Enjoyment: Learn how to make a layer cake. I’ve never made one!

3. Focus on Friends: Make a list of all my friends and their ½ birthdays. How surprised will my friends be to get a ½ birthday card (complete with confetti)?!

What will you try this month?


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