A Day at the Movies: Moonrise Kingdom and the Field Guide to Adventuring

Moonrise Kingdom. Have you seen it? Because you should…

I didn’t have anything in common with the characters– two twelve year old kids that after one brief encounter, become pen pals, fall in love, and plan an escape (him from khaki scout camp where he is seen as an outcast and her from a confused, distant family that just doesn’t understand) to be together.

I didn’t have anything in common with the setting — an island off of New England in 1965: a time of record players, blue eye shadow, and knee highs.

However, it didn’t matter at all and I suppose that was the point. Wes Anderson crammed big things like love, the need for escape, and the journey to solve it all into the oh-so-small world of adolescence and innocence and it ended up being completely relatable. I fell in love with Suzy when upon running away with Sam, packed only a suitcase of adventure books, a portable record player (of course with extra batteries), her favorite records, and her lucky lefty scissors. I fell in love with Sam when he had packed everything else they needed — a tent, canoe, food, and water color paints.

It had me thinking back to the 6th grade and wondering if love can ever really stay that innocent. It had me promising myself my heart will always melt for being quirky and awkward. It had me hoping I’ll find a Sam Shakusky and someone who will always be on my side & do anything to “save my superpower.”

The Field (shopping) Guide to Adventuring 


1. Citrus Pink Dress, ModCloth, $52

2. Golden Grassland Dress, ModCloth, $44

3. Not beetles and fish hooks, but equally as fashionable, Looking Glass Earrings, Anthropologie, $32

4. Scissors Charm, PUNK, $9

5. Vintage Red Plaid Picnic set, Etsy, $24

6. Reeves Watercolor Set, Dick Blick, $4.79

7. Portable Record Player, Urban Outfitters, $170

8. Brookings Shoes, Aldo, $50


“Why do you always use binoculars? 
“Mm…it helps me see things closer, even if they’re not far away. I pretend it’s my magic power.”


“Suzy, I love you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.”


“We’re in love. We just want to be together. What’s wrong with that?” 


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