Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was one of those weekends that went to show the less you have planned, the better. I normally pack my weekends full of new places to try, foods to eat, trails to hike, etc., especially in the summer. In Milwaukee it’s nearly impossible not to pack as much as you can into 50-some odd hours as there is literally something going on every day in the summer. While this won’t become a habit, I had a good time floating from place to place with one group of friends to the next with no plans for when it would stop or start. Here’s what I did:

1. Farmer’s Market. There are a bajillion farmer’s markets in Milwaukee. I went to the East Side Green Market on North and LOVED the selection of hand made items and vintage booths. My favorite? Bolted Vintage.  They had both vintage fabric by the yard and bundles of handpicked scraps that looked fabulous together along with racks and racks of retro clothing. Lucky for you, they have an Etsy shop! I also got some great broccoli sprouts from Sweet Grass.

2. I took a Rickshaw aka cart on a bike for the first (and second) time. Aside from a self confidence blow and feeling bad for the completely out of breath driver, it may be the only way I travel.

3. Summer Solstice. Between rooftop drinks, lawn bowling, a different band every 20 ft., and major block party, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a good chunk of my Saturday.

4. Free sand volleyball at the Horny Goat on Saturday’s. I’m a slave (ok, sucker) for a good competition. There’s nothing better than showing off your skills and trying to honestly show no mercy to the opposing player when a free pitcher of beer is on the line. If you’re ever in the area, you MUST try the Watermelon Wheat and loaded tots which are tator tots covered in beer cheese, bacon, sour cream, and chives- ummm yeah, delish.


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