What I’m Wearing: Navy, Mint & the Hottest Pink

No. 8 is the sole inspiration for today. I was picking up some cheap sunglasses for an upcoming tubing trip and I couldn’t stop staring at a shirt on the clearance rack. It was perfect and I had to have it. So, I bought it and so began the endless compliments:

#1 The teenager who rang up my purchase, “Oh wow. This is SO cute and will totally, like go with everything.”
#2 A lady on the street corner: “Great shirt; I love the color combo. Where did you get it?”
#3 Coworker: “That’s the perfect shirt for summer.”
#4 Bank Teller: “That shirt looks really nice on you.”
#5 Roommate: “Can I borrow that one shirt you wore everyday for a week?”

Obviously at this point I was walking prancing around like I was the style icon of the decade and painting my nails seemed to suddenly be a life or death priority. It was then I fell in love with No. 9. and the navy, mint, and the hottest of hot pink was born.

1. Keyhole Blouse, JCrew
2. So Over It Tank, Tobi, $38
3. Minnie Pant, JCrew, $89.90
4. Stripe T, Top Shop
5. Mint Skirt, Top Shop
6. Matiko Lyla Loafer, Urban Outfitters, $132
7. Treasure Chest Double Row Necklace, Kate Spade, $138
8. Button Down Hi-Low Blouse, Charlotte Russe, $11
9. Essie Polish, $8


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