Christmas Paint Chip Garland

I work in an office full of guys. This translates into a lot of microwavable meals and not a drop of interior office decorating. While I can’t control their daily diets, I can control their apathy for cubical atheistic (at least in my own 8×8 space). For the price of a bottle of glue, ball of kitchen string, and the the guts to take stacks upon stacks of paint chip samples from your local hardware store, you can create the prettiest christmas garland your office has ever seen!

Here’s how (follow the above photos for details):
-Take strips of paint samples and cut by two’s so there are two shades of one color facing each other (round the corners if desired
-Organize your paint swatches so the colors go from light to dark
-Place string in the middle of the swatch, glue down the middle, and around the edges
-Press and hold for 5 seconds
-Repeat until you have used all your swatches!


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