daaang. it’s cold.

This time of year is not the greatest. In fact, I usually turn a cognitive eye towards the late-fall chill by wearing flip flops all through October reminding myself, “No snow, you’re good to go,” and insisting frozen yogurt is the best in 40 degree weather (completely ignoring the fact I’m wearing gloves, obviously).

However, I do love Hot Apple Cider and have a great recipe for an inexpensive version. Upon realizing our house is somehow down to one lone coaster, I made some inexpensive coasters that I won’t have to worry about if they mysteriously disappear.

Hot Apple Cider
Ingredients: 16 oz. of Organic Apple Juice (this will give you more flavor and a better consistency), Rinds of One Orange and One Lemon, Cinnamon (Stick or Ground).
Directions: Throw everything into a pot and let simmer for 5-10 min. Pour through a strainer to remove rinds.
Cut and sand 1/2 inch sections of birch wood. Using acrylic paint and samples of wood stain, decorate and finish with a semi-gloss spray or hodge-podge.


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