universal serial bus

There’s an entire jar in my room full of boring-colored USB sticks with brand names printed on them that I have no recollection of. They’re the new pens and pencils of expo centers. I have so many I decided I should put them to good use. Use #1: Whenever I’m at home, my younger sister steals all my new music. What a nice surprise she’ll be getting in the mail. Use #2: I’m an organizer. Like the most intense organizer you’ll ever meet. I give color coding a bad name. The more active I get with this blog, the more organized I would like to be. Use #3: A USB to bring back and forth from work. Usually when I need a file, I email it to myself. This is a much better system. The only problem is they’re all SO FUGLY, I never want to use them. My solution? A little DIY makeover. Using beads, sequins, gold leaf metal paint, paper, decoupage and scrabble pieces, they’ve been turned into mini pieces of art. Feel free to use anything you can adhere to the plastic bases. Just be sure to cover the USB port with tape while you’re making them over! -Cheers!


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