suit up for fall

I am not a fashionista, I consider it a good day if I choose cute over comfy and I can’t really afford half the things posted in this blog… However, I do love color and shopping and looking at cute outfits! A few things I’ve noticed this fall: jewel-tones, leopard print (preferably on flats), feathers and any style and color of denim.

Leopard Flatts– Kate Spade $225
Blue Faux Satin Button Up– H&M $24.90
Truly Madly Deeply Elephant T– Urban Outfitters $39.99
Feather Earrings– Fred Flare $12
Nail Lacquers– Butter London $14/color
Wildfire Flow Top– Topshop £36.00
Charcoal Matchstick Pant– JCrew $98
Pumps– Nine West $89
Belted Dress– Express $55.90


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