east coastin’

Greetings from the East Coast! Some highlights from my recent trip to Boston and Cape Cod! Boston offers hustle and bustle with plentiful people watching and hundreds of historic and interesting things to see, while Cape Cod gives you a chance to relax, listen to the ocean and eat tons of lobster, clam chowder and salt water taffy. I highly recommend visiting both places if you’re ever on the East Coast!

Clockwise from the top-right: Started the trip off with some delish Boston cream pie cupcakes on the way to the airport. Cobblestone streets are everywhere; wear comfy shoes! Gorgeous beach landscapes on the coast. You can’t go to Boston and not cheers at the Cheers bar. Bucket list check-off: do the wave at Fenway; we even saw a grand slam against the Texas Rangers! Salt water taffy for family and friends back home. Tide lines at the cape. Quincy Market was constructed in 1824 in honor of mayor, Josiah Quincy.


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