faux porcelain

This is the easiest and most inexpensive DIY I’ve ever done.  Last week while I was visiting my parent’s home in the country, they asked for help trying to find some decorations for their outdoor patio. My mom has TONS of flower gardens, loves wildflowers and already has some gorgeous arrangements in clay pots. So, my first thought was to buy matte-porcelain pieces that coordinate with the clay pots; however, I couldn’t find the exact sizes and matte-finish I wanted. My solution came in the form of a RustOleum spray primer and old glass containers (salsa jars, starbucks latte jugs, old bath salts jars, etc.). Worked like a charm! They can be season-friendly, switching from summer zinnias to pussy willows in the fall and can also be used nicely inside.  -Cheers!

1. Gather any glass or clay containers (the Starbucks latte jars from the grocery store are my favorite)
2. Turn all containers upside down so mouth of the container is down.
3. Spray all sides and corners of  container and let dry (about 10 min)
4. Turn right side up and spray thoroughly again
After they dry, they’re ready to use! Easy!


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