passing notes

While some families through the generations pass down jewelry or china, my family has passed along the love of writing. My 94-year-old grandmother recently passed away and while going through her belongings, we found her collection of diaries dating back to when she was just 16-years old. She wrote in her date book every single day for nearly 70 years. We spent the next few hours looking up what she had written on each of our birth dates, her wedding day, the death of my grandfather and other important family milestones. From there, evidence of this passed tradition resides with my mother who still writes hand-written letters instead of a simple email or text. I keep all of them folded in my jewelry box and re-read them when home seems far away. I also enjoy writing letters and frequently send postcards to friends and family just because. There’s something about the tangibility of a hand-written note that inspired today’s creativity. Using a plain, unfinished wooden box, make sure it’s large enough to hold your envelopes and notecards and spray paint. I got my wooden box from Hobby Lobby and spray painted a simple black. From there fill with your own greeting cards or make your own as I have done here! – Cheers!


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