awesome blossom

So as thrilled as I was to start my month of pure creativity, I forgot to take into consideration my actual life and income it takes to support my crafting addiction. Therefore, I’ve been HORRIBLE at my planned crafting projects. I will continue to try to follow my calendar as much as possible, but if the projects are out of order or I miss a few days; I apologize. For today’s arts and crafts, I decided to take ring that had turned green and gross and make it bea-u-ti-ful once again. It was quite easy and took a total of 10 min. My inspiration was actually the kate spade date night ring. It works best if the ring has a large-ish, round base. Mine had about the size of a penny. The only other supplies you’ll need are one stem of fake flowers (really any color/type) and some type of quick-drying adhesive. Once you have your supplies, you’re ready to create your very own fabulous ring. Take apart (they pop right off the fake stem) about three of full-sized flowers. You’ll want to keep the ring as full as possible, so start with a lot of layers on your base. From there just continue glueing, layer by layer, until your ring is as awe[blos]som as you want it to be! – Cheers!


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