peach & basil & sangria &

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Time for a little R&R, friends and good food and bev. I’m taking a little road trip to visit some friends in Minneapolis, MN whom I haven’t seen since Christmas. I wanted to bring them a little somethin, somethin to show how much I have missed them; so, I decided on the one thing everyone can appreciate: booze. A little summer sangria is the perfect way to start out a long weekend. To make your own, pair either a white wine with citrus or melon fruit juice or a red wine with orange and pomegranate juice. There are tons of sangria recipes out there, I got mine here. If you’re giving your home-made sangria as a gift, feel free to download and use my gift tags as a note- be sure to include the recipe on the back! Store your home-made drink in a carafe or covered pitcher. Hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating our veterans!- Cheers!

*Lessons Learned While Sangria-ing: The recipe is very sweet. Cut back on sugar, use peach juice instead of peach nectar and use a very dry white wine to get a more clean, crisp taste. Also, about 2 full-sized lemons equals 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice (trust the 7 extra lemons sitting in my fridge right now).


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