Arrrrgh. No, I did not just see the new Pirates movie; instead, I’m whining about the slumps of life. I’ve learned the best way to get over something (ok, fine, someone) is to throw all of your energy into something else. Sometimes it takes every fiber of your being to dissuade your brain from going down a million different rabbit trails. So far, every attempt at concentration has failed. Today’s distraction happens to come in the form of baking. Lemon bars to be exact. Lemons sometimes get a bad rep. The acidity level is so high they make a terrible fruit, the word lemon has been used to describe reject products and the smell sometimes reminds me of my childhood chores. However, mixed with sugar, flour and eggs, lemons make a bomb-ass dessert. Right now my life is just a plain lemon, but soon I know I’ll find the many reasons that it didn’t work out and enjoy the things I would have missed out on had things been different. So, if like me, life seems down in the dumps, do some baking and keep your chin up friends. I followed this Lemon Bar recipe. -Cheers!


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