happy, happy day prince william and kate!

Last week I was asked, “What are you doing for the wedding?!”

Sure I had missed some sort of RSVP, I answered, “Wait, what wedding?”

No response…just stares and silence.

At first I thought they were the crazy ones. Who would get up at the literal break of dawn and be excited about two people getting married? All this time I thought the fact the royal wedding was one of the top news stories was a mere example of America’s obsession with pop culture.

My friends were so concerned with my apathy, I started thinking about the intrigue. I came to the conclusion it truly is a world event. Not only is it fairy tale ending complete with a balcony kiss to seal the deal, but it’s more about tradition and the continuation of one of few monarchies left. Catherine (yes, not Kate) was gorgeous, the history was beyond interesting and the throngs of people proved just what an event this was.

So, in honor of the royal couple and continuation of the royal lineage (and ok, i’m a little jealous- i want to be a princess!), tea and crumpets coming right up!


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