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cropped-sandwlogo31Do you ever have those projects that you start and have such big dreams for, but it doesn’t exactly span out exactly how you planned and instead of fixing everything, you just want to start over? For me, Baubles and Cheers was this project. Since 2011, I’ve gone through spurts where I never posted, spurts where I posted too much and spurts where I’ve flip flopped directions.

I’ve loved it and it’s been a great space for learning and experimenting, but it’s time to move on to a fresh start. I introduce you to Sahl + White! Check out what’s new and follow along.


minnesota meanderin’ | june 2015

Minnesota Events February 2015You guys, June is already in full swing. JUNE! Between weddings, showers and parties for said weddings, vacations and the multitude of warm weather events, summer can literally be a hot mess. Because of all the jamming and packing, I always create these silly, seasonal “bucket lists” in my mind to ensure I get everything “summer” done in the precious weeks of nice weather. Things like: see an outdoor movie, go to a pizza farm (btw- have you heard of this concept?! who knew that eating a pizza in the grass would be such a novelty; I love it!) and try to make ice cream are a few on my list for this year. Part of this is making sure to be in the know of all the community events around the area.

Check out a few of my picks of what’s going on and where in Minnesota in June 2015:

2 – MN Brewery Running Series | Fulton Brewery | Minneapolis
This is the only way to celebrate National Running Day. A 5K through around around downtown Minneapolis that starts and ends at the Fulton Brewery with food trucks, live music and of course beer at the finish line. If you can’t make this event, don’t worry, they have a Beer 5K nearly every weekend!

5 – National Doughnut Day | Peace Plaza | Rochester
What started as a fundraiser during the Great Depression, join the originators of National Doughnut Day, the Salvation Army, on the Peace Plaza from 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. for free doughnuts of all shapes and sizes! Also because turns out, it’s impossible to say no to a doughnut.

6-12- RedBall Project | Rochester, MN
No, you’re reading it wrong, not RedBull, RedBALL. It’s unusually for a temporary art installation to make it’s way to Rochester, MN, so I’m especially excited to see this live. It’s a simple giant, red ball, but the unsuspecting nature is what makes in neat. I’ll for sure be at the Opening Reception (complete with BALLinnis and Bloody Marys) to chat with the artist. Every day look for it in a new location:

  • 6 – Look for it at the Rochester Art Center + Opening Reception & Panel Discussion with the Artist, Kurt Perschke.
  • 7 – Pedestrian Bridge to Government Center
  • 8 – Mayo Clinic, Plummer Building, Plummer Doors
  • 9 – Peace Plaza, Kahler Grand Awning, Near Pedestrian Crossing
  • 10 – 600 Block of 6th Ave, NW
  • 11 – Thursdays on First & 3rd; Historic 3rd St.
  • 12 – Mayo Building, Annenburge Plaza

6 – Rhubarb Festival | Sylvan Park | Lanesboro
I love quirky and this is quirky in the prettiest of pretty locations. Think a festival with rhubarb art, rhubarb treats, rhubarb games, plus lots of other rhubarb-related events. Bring your bike and go a few miles on the trails as long as you’re in Lanesboro.

6 – ARTCRANK | Fulton Brewery | Minneapolis
I recently picked up a 1970’s Schwinn Suburban (in absolute original, perfect condition I might add) at my local thrift shop so am kinda on a bike kick. ARTCRANK is a pop-up art sale with all prints bike-inspired. Ride your bike there, enjoy complimentary bike valet, food trucks, beer, coffee, and take a print home with you for the love of bicycling.

10 – Princess Cafe Lectures Series: Plummer Building | History Center | Rochester
I’m a sucker for all things history and especially the Plummer Building. It’s my favorite and only truly ornate piece of architecture in the Rochester, MN skyline. The Plummer’s were also an essential family in Rochester, MN history with an interesting story themselves. Come and enjoy “everything you wanted to know and more” from Dana Knaak from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

12/13- Park Point Garage Sale Weekend | Park Point | Duluth
If you’re in the market for a Northern summer get-away, this is the weekend to do it. With garage sales lining the entire stretch of Park Point, it’s a bargain hunter’s dream. Parking can be challenging, so get there early!

13 – Insane Inflateable 5K | Rochester Airport | Rochester
Imagine those blow up, bouncy child inflateables made for adults combined with a 5K. Aside from being completely out of breath exhausted, this is definitely a “fun” run. Heats available starting at 8:45 AM through 12:00 PM.

13 – Movies on the Plaza: Mary Poppins | Peace Plaza | Rochester
Outdoor Movie Opportunity!

13 – Northern Spark | Various Locals | Minneapolis
I don’t even have an explanation for this event. A variety of unique art installations and interactive exhibits taking place ALL night. It kind of appears to be a one-night-long, teeny, tiny taste of that Burning Man thing.

13 – Taco Tequila Margarita Minneapolis | Famous Dave’s BBQ Uptown | Minneapolis
Those are all of my favorite things.

14 – Bike to the Honkers Game | Mayo Field | Rochester
Ride your bike to the game and watch a Honkers Minor League baseball game FO FREE!

17 – Pizza on the Farm | Berne
This is a weekly event every Wednesday from 5:00 – 8:00 PM in Berne, MN. Get there early and bring your own plate and silverware, seats and beverages and get ready to enjoy live music as well as awesome wood fired pizza.

17-21 – Steamboat Days | Levee Park | Winona
Winona is my alma mater so this event is near and dear to my heart. It’s a long weekend full of quirky events, for fun sporting tournaments, fireworks and the best nightly entertainment around. My pick? Hairball on Wednesday!

20-28 – Rochester Fest | Various Locations | Rochester
I’m determined to win the treasure hunt this year! With clues beginning on the 20, play along for cash money. Other events include a great parade, concerts, family-friendly programs, free trolley roles and more!

21 – Art in the Park | Sylvan Park | Lanesboro, MN

23 – Ingrid Michaelson | Northrop at the University of Minnesota | Minneapolis

27 – Movies on the Plaza: Muppets Most Wanted | Peace Plaza | Rochester

27 – Paddle Board Demo Day | Foster Arend Park | Rochester
Free event sponsored by Scheels! Check out and try out their selection of paddle boards and kayaks. Even if you’re not in the market for new gear, think of it as a thrifty way to spend an hour or two!

27-28 – Park Point Art Fair | Park Point | Duluth

28- Uptown Food Truck Fair | Hennepin Avenue between Lake St. & 31st | Minneapolis
Self.Explantory. Amazing food all up in your face. 11-9. Music. Beer and Food.

Other Ideas and Ongoing Events in the Rochester area!

  • U-Pick-Um Strawberries and Summer Raspberries: Usually ready in the middle of June, this is the best way to grab the freshest of fresh produce.
  • Tuesdays – Bingo @ Dooley’s Pub, Farmer’s Market
  • Wednesday – Pizza night in Berne
  • Thursdays – Thursdays on First, Trivia Night @ Big Brad’s, Thursday Night Chef Dinners at Four Daughters
  • Saturdays – Movies on the Plaza, Farmers Market
  • Sundays – Trivia Night @ The Tap House, 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month: Yappy Hour at Wildwood

where to watch: 2015 oscar-nominated films

Art by: Petra Borner as part of the Oscars 2015: "Imagine What's Possible" Artists Series

Petra Borner “Imagine What’s Possible” Oscars 2015 Artists Series

The Oscars are less than a week away! Normally I’m more on top of my movie game, but this year I’m scrambling to make sure I at least see most of nominees. Award shows and celebrities aren’t even my thing, but I love the Oscars: the hosts are always my favorite personalities, the acceptance speeches and the red carpet is so entertaining and lovely.

I enjoy watching the films from the eye of the nominator. It brings the films to a new level: reasoning why it was nominated, paying attention to camera angles and wardrobe and certain roles in the film. It elevates the story line.

The history of film also gets me. The Academy Awards (rebranded to The Oscars in 2013) is the oldest awards ceremony and was first held in 1929 coming in at 15 minutes long. The after party was a public event with tickets at $5 ($70 in today’s world). I imagine the long list of talent in the room; people like Walt Disney and Bette Davis and the romance that was “going to the movies.” Since, it’s been one of the few awards show to avoid getting overrun with pop culture and onstage star bashing. It remains the prestige of the prestigious.

If like myself, you need to play catch up before this weekend, below are a few on my list to see with a few MN spots to catch them. Check out their website for all showing details. Best Picture films and denoted with (BP).

(BP) American Sniper: Still widely shown in theaters

A Collective Viewing of the Short FilmsAya, Boogaloo and Graham, Butter Lamp, Parvaneh and The Phone Call: Landmark Lagoon Theater

(BP) Birdman: Amazon Instant and iTunes

(BP) Boyhood: Amazon Instant, iTunes, Redbox, On Demand and Netflix DVD

CitizenFour: St. Anthony Main

Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1: Amazon Instant and iTunes

Finding Vivian Maier: Amazon and iTunes

Gone Girl: Amazon Instant, Netflix DVD, Redbox, iTunes and On Demand

Ida: Amazon, iTunes and Netflix Streaming

Inherent Vice: St. Anthony Main

Into the Woods: Eden Prairie Mall

Last Days in Vietnam: Amazon Instant and iTunes

(BP) Selma: Regal Brooklyn Center, Showplace Icon at the West End (St. Louis Park), AMC Rosedale 14, Landmark Lagoon Cinema, Regal Eagan Stadium

Still Alice: Landmark Edina Cinema, AMC Rosedale 14, Regal Brooklyn Center, AMC Eden Prairie

The Box Trolls: Amazon Instant, Redbox, iTunes and On Demand

(BP) The Grand Budapest Hotel: Amazon Instant, Netflix DVD, HBO Go and iTunes

(BP) The Imitation Game: Still widely shown in theaters

The Judge: Amazon Instant, On Demand

The Theory of Everything: Released on Feb. 17

Two Days, One Night: Landmark Edina Cinema,

Unbroken: Eden Prairie Mall,

Virunga: Netflix Instant Stream

Wild: Rochester Paragon, Showplace Icon at the West End (St. Louis Park), Regal Eagan Stadium

(BP) Whiplash: St. Anthony Main, Landmark Edina Cinema,

Movie not on my list or not in the SE Minnesota area? Check out this, this, this or Fandango for a better search!

in da kitchen | cooking with cauliflower

Cauliflower is the Jennifer Lawrence of the food world. It’s all the rage for 2015. I can confidently say this for two reasons. Firstly, recipes featuring the vegging are running rampant around the web. Secondly, demand is high. In my last few visits to my local grocer, there have only been three or four small, sad looking heads in the bin. Of course that didn’t stop me from grabbing them all like they were 984728943 inch TVs on Black Friday.

I’m jumping on board and have seriously become a cauliflower cooking fool. Liiiiiike I buy three of those suckers every grocery trip and get all giddy when I try a new recipe. It’s becoming my #1 life hack for one glorious reason and one glorious reason only. It’s successfully taken the place of [most] carbs in my diet. It’s hearty enough for substance and it works as a blank canvas in that it easily takes on a multitude of flavors. I’ve substituted it for pizza crusts, rice and even potatoes. Coming in at only 146 calories in an ENTIRE MEDIUM SIZED HEAD and a great source of Vitamin C, potassium and fiber, it’s great as a side or your entire meal for those days you need to make up for that piece of cake you ate for breakfast.

Here are some of my favorite recipes staring the one, the only, cauliflower.

My Favorite Cauliflower Recipes

Clockwise from top left: Black Bean & Kale Guacamole Cauliflower Bowl | Spicy Cauliflower Stir Fry | Scallops with Roasted Cauliflower – Substitute another fish for the scallops or leave out the protein all together! | Roasted Curried Cauliflower | Mashed Cauliflower – Depending on how strict you are, add in some of my favorites: 1 tbsp of cream cheese, a 1/2 tsp minced garlic and a dollop of butter | Cauliflower Pizza Crust (oh yes)

Enjoy! What have you done with your cauliflower lately?

minnesota meanderin’ | february 2015

Minnesota Events February 2015 February is that month of the year that cabin fever sets in; it’s not full blown, but it’s starting. November and December bring the tinsel and charm of the holiday season. January brings the holiday hangover and people post up indoors with a good book or movie. By February people start getting antsy and brave the elements to enjoy the Winter season the Midwest is famous for. Living in blissful ignorance of the cold and snow, people partake in outdoor activities across the state such as: candlelight snowshoeing, ice skating, cross country ski races, ice fishing contests, frozen bocce ball and golf tournaments; even polar plunges. People across the state bundle up and truly enjoy the season. It’s makes us Minnesotans!

Here’s what’s going on this month in da North. Enjoy it before cabin fever really sets in and the only cure is a trip to the sunshine.

Full schedule after the jump (more…)

why don’t you… | …read a scary read

For some reason when the weather changes from humid and sweaty to crisp and clean, one of my favorite things to do is curl up with a big ol’ bowl of popcorn and watch a terrifying, sleep-with-the-lights-on movie. It’s actually the ONLY time you will catch me watching a scary movie and my limit is like one, maybe two if the first fell more on the suspense side that horror side.

Maybe it’s because I just had a baby or maybe because I’m getting older, but in the past year, I seem to have developed a terror threshold. I couldn’t handle some of the scarier ones; the effects were just too real! I decided to head to Library. Even though books can be equally downright scary, my visual imagination has to be more tame than a Hollywood make up artist.

Horror Books 2014

Here are my picks of stories that will seriously have you on the edge of your seat:

1. I Remember You: A Ghost Story by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. This is one of those novels that alternates between one story and another every other chapter leaving horrifyingly wonderful cliffhangers until near the end, you find out why they’re connected. Alternating between a group of friends who set out with the intention of renovating a dilapidated home into a bed and breakfast and a psychologist who starts out investigating a vandalism case that quickly leads to details about his missing son, they come to learn ghosts, twists, hauntings and suspense are their common bond.  It’s event based on true events, which I know, I know, whatever that means, but in my opinion, still makes the story better.

2. The Never List by Koethi Zan.

3. Dracula by Brahm Stoker (annotated by Leslie Klinger. Because vampires are so hot right now. Because the origin of the blood sucking legend is really rather interesting!

4. The Monster Show: A Cultural History of Horror by David J. Skal. Quite the interesting opinion that social and historical events directly impact the portrayal of horror in our media.

If those don’t do it for you, head on over to goodreads and check our their horror category to pick your own titles or if you’re a traditionalist and want to stick to the horror flick, check out this list available to stream on Netflix. Read or watch, make a night of it and don’t forget the popcorn!

in da kitchen | rhubarb torte recipe

Ahhh rhubarb. The pink celery-looking stuff that signifies the beginning of summer fruit for the picking. I used to eat rhubarb raw with sugar… yeah, like the Fun Dip candy, only with large stalks that I probably picked from a random patch in the backyard and rinsed off in a hose.

Ok, let’s be real, I still do that. Probably more than I should and of course the sugar to rhubarb ratio is approx. 40-1. But I also LOVE making stuff with it now!

My mom has this old cookbook she received from my grandmother. It’s one of those old church cookbooks where the ladies collected recipes that call for lard and canned milk and combined them into one of the best cookbooks of all time. The front and back covers are made from scraps of linoleum flooring and it’s held together with those little o-ring binder clips. The titles of the recipes are things like “Super Delicious Hotdish” and you can tell a lot of the recipes were never written down because many are just one, long paragraph script as if they’re demo-ing how to make the dish.

Rhubarb Torte Dessert RecipeRhubarb Dessert

Here is where I found the rhubarb torte recipe. I didn’t use quite as much sugar as the recipe called for and wanted the topping to be less fluffy than a meringue topping, so didn’t whip the egg whites as long. Other than that, the recipe is purely simple with sugar, rhubarb, eggs, milk, and a little flour. See below for the full recipe and how to:

You’ll Need:

1 c. flour
1/2 c. butter
1 tbsp. sugar

3 egg yolks (keep the whites)
2 tbsp. flour
3/4 c. sugar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. evaporated milk
3 c. rhubarb

3 egg whites
2/3 c. sugar

The How To:
Oven: 350 degrees
Serves: 8-12
1. Mix and pat first 3 ingredients into a 7  x 11″ pan. Bake 10 min.
2. Mix next 4 ingredients well and add 1/2 c. evaporated milk. Blend. Add cut up rhubarb. Pour over baked base and bake until set (middle won’t jiggle)- approx. 30 min.
3. Beat 3 egg whites until peaks start to form. Add 2/3 c. sugar slowly. Blend well. Spread on torte. Bake until golden brown- approx. 12 min.

Recipe for Rhubarb Torte